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    Importing Illustrator files in InDesign


      I have an issue that is more of an annoyance than a major problem. I put togethers ads in Illustrator and then place them in my InDesign template. Instead of a 4.75" x 5.375" ad placing in a 4.75" x 5.375" space, I get the ad plus the blue frame edge surrounding the ad. The problem is when I want to precisely place the ad using InDesign. If I want the border of the ad to be placed right at 0 and 0, I can't do that because InDesign instead places the frame edge at 0 and 9 and the border of the ad might be .1" or .2" inside the frame edge. I can hide the frame edge, but that does not solve the problem. Is there any way to make the frame edge exactly the same as my ad borders? I have made sure there are no stray points in the Illustrator files prior to placing them in InDesign.