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    Cannot open an idml file created in CS5.5 in either CS5 or CS5.5

    janine4gg Level 1

      I have exported a CS5.5 file to idml but I cannot get it to open in either CS5 or CS5.5. Below is a screenshot of the error I get in both versions.

      Screen shot 2012-02-16 at 1.48.41 PM.png

      I have tried getting rid of all 3rd party plugins and resetting preferences to ID defaults in both CS versions but I always get this error. This testtest doc is a new file opened in CS5.5 with a text frame and a few words in 'Basic Paragraph' style and that is it. I checked for updates for both versions and there were none.


      Does anyone have any ideas?





      IDCS5 v7.04.553

      IDCS5.5 v7.5.2.318

      OSX 10.6.8