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    Which Certificate? Practical current experiences...

    mark_erickson Level 1

      I'm getting very close to releasing extensions, but now need to choose which certificate for signing. Adobe's documentation does not have recommendations, largely I assume Adobe can not recommend something that is out of their control. There are a number of certificates, anyone have experience identifying which code signing certificates are on all the target OS by default? Ones to avoid?


      What is your answer to?: "you may need to check that your root certificate is installed into all variations of Win XP, including home/professional, SP1, SP2, SP3, and so on."


      Second question is which CA and their various options actually work for extensions. Adobe mentions, as an example, but not a recommendation: GlobalSign, Thawte, VeriSign and various types.


      What is your answer to? : The issuing certificate authority (CA) of the code-signing certificate must permit you to use that certificate to sign extensions.


      What have others successfully deployed? Any chioces to minimize costs? My target is all the systems running CS5/5.5 running any supported Windows, Mac.



      - Mark