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    Is there a way to permanently locke a position? No unlocking possible?


      I have created a template in InDesign which our company uses to create "Job Sheets" for Architectural projects that we have completed.

      At times, there are multiple people who use these templates.

      To ensure that our Job Sheets are consistent, we like to lock certain image frames and text boxes.

      It is very important that these objects not be moved because we create many Job Sheets and they all must be consistant.

      We want the user to be able to change photos and text, but not the position and size of the text boxes and image frames.

      I know that we can lock the position of these objects, but anyone can just as easily unlock them.

      We want them to be locked either permanently, or to be locked with a password.

      I don't think this is possible based on the research I have done.

      But, can someone suggest an alternative that will accomplish the same thing?