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    strange behaviors between TextInputSkin and StageTextInputSkin

    jxyiliu@yahoo.ca Level 1

      Hi All,


      I met a very strange behaviors, and need help with, any idea will be truly appreicated.


      I have a phone field and date field both from TextInput field, I aslo have textfieldskin which is original from TextInputSkin.



      When I apply the TextInputSkin to the TextInput field, the softKeyboard Type can not be modified. I found out that as TextDisplay is not StyleableStageText, the autocorrect, type, etc can not be modified while StageTextInputSkin will work just fine.



      However, when I applied the StageTextInputSkin to my fields, the mouse click event can not be rececived any more...



      My question: How can I change the softkeyboardType and be able to receive mouse click event at same time if my control is from TextInput?



      Kind Regards,

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          6 months, and a new cs6 with no improvements on this issue.


          My biggest problem is with an android ICS unit the softkeyboarddeactivated gets called when the keyboard switches and shows the mic speak input keyboard but softkeyboardactivating or activated does not get called when the mic input keyboard is shown.


          Also the scrolling bug is horrible and needs to be fixed.


          and keypresses are needed.


          and being able to layer the native components would be great.



          im sad.