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    Viewing Folios on a Kindle Fire

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      Res Ipsa Loquitor

      -The thing speaks for itself. The title of this post, I mean. I'm having trouble with my Kindle Fire...OK, if I have to explain it, then I suppose the thing doesn't speak for itself. I suck at Latin.


      It's great to see that the Adobe Content Viewer is in the Amazon App Store. I Installed it. Nice. And while I thouroughly expected to have to make two, if not three versions of my book for iPad / Android / Kindle Fire, what I'm seeing is totally not what I expected. Even a simple page with a small image sequence and a jpeg don't load.


      Will anyone comment on their success or failure viewing Folios this way? Or is there a new workflow that I just don't understand.


      Undying gratitude, &c ,&c, &c.