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    Load a local file


      I have searched every site and blog to try to find a method that actually works without success.


      I want to load a pdf from the application directory on an android, the method works fine debugging on a desktop

      but locks up on an actual device.


      I have a Motorola Xoom with Honeycombe 3.


      In my project I use a local sql database and can access that fine on the Xoom.


      public function listGroups(brand:String):Array


                  var sqlConnection:SQLConnection;

                  sqlConnection = new SQLConnection();

                  sqlConnection.open(File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("manuals.db" ));

                  var stmt:SQLStatement = new SQLStatement();

                  stmt.sqlConnection = sqlConnection;

                  stmt.text =

                      "SELECT * FROM keywords  " +

                      "WHERE brand = '" + brand + "' " ;



                  var result:Array = stmt.getResult().data;

                  return result;         



      But I cannot get a working path for the pdf to open in a StagewebView using either one of the path var I have.






                  import mx.events.FlexEvent;


                  private var stageWebView:StageWebView;

                  // will load a pdf or swf file from local storage

                  public var path:String = new File(new File("app:/Alpha.pdf").nativePath).url;

                  public var manualFile:String = new File(File.applicationDirectory.resolvePath("Alpha.pdf").nativePath).url;





               protected function applicationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent): void




                      if(StageWebView.isSupported== true){


                          stageWebView = new StageWebView();




                          stageWebView.viewPort = new Rectangle(5,100,stage.width-10,stage.height-90);


                          stageWebView.stage = this.stage;










                      } else {


                          urlAddress.text = "StageWebView not supported" ;






      I am beginning to think it impossible, has anyone achieved to do this, maybe another android device.


      Any thoughts would be great, a solution even better.