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    need help with MYSQL admin on my local system


      Hi everyone,

      I am a CF developer that still have version MX on my local system! recently I had to move my hosting and as a result I was forced to migrate my database from MS ACCESS to MYSQL.

      I know how to work with database remotely, that’s fine. I just need to connect to my local MYSQL database and connect CF admin to it.


      I already installed My SQL 5.5 and I get the DOS prompt.  I can't open and edit my database from this DOS prompt and connect to my CF admin.


      l checked online sources, and I try the commands, but it doesn't work. I have the Workbench to connect with the remote database, no problem with that.


      I need a jump start on using this MYSQL server on my local system. anyone can help  me?


      I would appreciate any help!