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    Premiere Elements 9 - Playback only works on Admin account

    hunter phillips

      Hi, I'm running Premiere Elements on a couple of iMacs 2.93GHz, Core i7, 8GB RAM, OSX 10.6.8. This is in a library so we have student accounts on all of our machines. Under the admin account Premiere works fine, no crashing and playback is working. However, on the student side whenever the same clip is trying to be played the playhead does not move, it sticks on the first frame and there is no audio. The only visible difference is that the play icon changes to pause. I was wondering if anyone would know a good way around this. I have tried the 9.01 patch to no success. It seems that the student side does not have permissions to some component. Hoping someone could shed some light on this issue. Thanks in advance.