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    how do I call create a public function to make something happen in another .swf


      Hi guys,

      I am trying to create a public function, i have a decument class with all of my variables in it, I have worked out how to bring in external .swf files, now  I need a way to have an even trigger something on a separate .swf

      So at the moment I have a flunction that works on the parent


      stage.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_MOVE, mousePosition);


      function mousePosition(event:MouseEvent) {






      So now how do I make this function public?


      When I try to put it into my document class I get errors because the navigator MC is only on the main timeline. (not in the other swf's that I am opening)


      I am trying to work out how to call the function using a string in my doc class

      public var nav1:String="navigator";


      Then the function


      public function resetnav() 






      Which seemed like a good idea, but it doesn't work..

      Can you guys help me out here?