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    append parameter to segment/fragment request

    stu_j_u Level 1

      Hi there,


      We are passing a username paramater to our request for the flash manifest files on our CDN. This parameter is set at the streaming URL level.


      e.g. http://server/{file}.{ext}?username={username}


      this ends up as:  http://cdn/filepath/media_manifest.f4m?username=1234-1234-1234-1234-1234


      This works fine when retrieving the f4m's on the CDN until the player moves on and plays the first fragment and then the parameter is dropped.

      Does anyone have a suggestion on how we can somehow retain or append the username on the fragment requests?





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          stu_j_u Level 1

          Just a follow up to my question.


          Going back to a higher level on this, how have people managed to track a user throughout the playback experience? I would have thought this would be common?


          We are trying get an accurate view on the end user experience. What bitrates, stops/starts, buffering etc


          Any comments welcome