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    RSL Digest error 1001 - only effects 10-15% of our users


      We recently deployed an updated version of a Flash application on website, using the same sdk as for previous versions.

      However, now some users report they cannot load the application and are getting error 1001 reporting that the digest entries do not match for the RSL "framework_3.5.0.12683.swf".

      We used this same library compiled as an RSL with the previous version of our application,  which all could access just fine.

      What I really cannot understand is why only a minority of our users would experience this problem (and most either have up to date plugins etc, or updated to latest version in attempting to get the new application to work), while most can access the application just fine.


      THe only thing that really changed was we now use the swfobject method to embed the flash content, previously we had been using the AC_OETags.js to embed the Flash content...


      Of the users who are effected by this, some ar on Windows, some Mac - and all different browsers to - so there is no pattern whatso-ever to help identify the problem...


      We use Flex SDK 3.5 (but I have Flash Builder set to compile against 4.1 using compatibility mode 3.5) and this is not new this release... (I like being able to access the ASDoc from within FB ;-) )



      Any help much appreciated - thanks in advance,