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    1 reader and 2 computers


      I wonder if anyone out there can help me with a problem I have recently encountered.


      Firstly I have a Sony PRS-650 which I purchased in the UK 2 years ago.  At that time I had a small netbook running windows 7. As such I uploaded the reader software and the ADE software, for the downloading and transfer of books.  Everything was fine until a few months ago. First the little netbook disappeared, however I had just purchased an iMac so decided to transfer my reader and use the settings software to upload the relevant software to pair the device.

      This is where my troubles began: firstly once i downloaded the software it would not let me access my purchases.....so i had to authorise my computer which i did (I should add that i also now have a new email address at this point).  I could then access my old purchases so thought i would be able to purchase and download some new books and transfer them to my reader.

      How wrong I was.....I succesfully downloaded the books from my reader to my elibrary but I am unable to transfer them to my reader..it just keeps saying this computer is not authorised to access this book.


      I think I had a different set of usernames and passwords on my old netbook (the minds starting to go), I thought i had the same on the new one but obviously not. As such I am possibly running parrallel sets of ADE and Reader and as such I am now stuck in limbo with purchased books that I can't access (new and old).


      If anyone can shed any light as to how I can combine accounts, or delete account or move all my purchases to one account I would be most grateful.  If i have missed anything obvious to allow me to do this I apologise, but I have looked everywhere and nothing jumps out at me to correct my problem.


      I love my reader and use it for work and leisure, but I am becoming frustrated as to how I resolve my problems.