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    Clear Signature


      Got a question about the "Clear Signature":


      suppose I have a stand-alone (a pdf file, not in the WorkSpace) PDF form with 2 Signature fields,

      each Signature locks a few fields on the form,

      user A signs his Signature, gives the PDF file to user B, and user B signs it also, then returns the file back to A.


      now, A right-clicks on the Signature and selects the "Clear Signature", and all his fields are unlocked,

      then A makes some changes to his fields, and signs it again.


      so, now the form has some new data, with an old Signature signed by B.

      that's a problem, because B might not agree with the new data.


      How to prevent this from happening?

      i.e. is there a way to prevent A from altering the form after B has signed it?



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          SForrest96 Level 4

          I tested the following, it may address your situation.


          I added the User A signature field to the User B field collection.  This means that when the second user signs, it locks the first signers signature field.  This DOES NOT prevent the first signer (User A) from clearing his\her signature, but it does prevent User A form being able to re-sign the signature field.


          I have attached a very simple sample.


          Hope this helps.




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            ditto9888 Level 1



            I tried that yessterday and it didn't work, that's why I asked.

            But I just tried it again and it's working now...  I must have done something unknowingly wrong yesterday.