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    Uploader and Track file downloads

      If you're not familiar with SwapDrive, it's an online application that allows you to login, upload a file, input an e-mail address, and the recipient receives a download link. Once the file is downloaded, you are able to view a download counter that tells you how many times the file has been downloaded..which essentially lets you know that the person has received the file. SwapDrive also stores that persons e-mail address for the future.

      Hopefully this isn't too ambitious for a first project. I need essentially the same thing, but I think it would be much more appealing to do it in Flex.

      I am almost sure I need a small database. The DB will have to store the usernames and passwords of those who are allowed to upload files..which won't be but a few people. Once they're logged in, they can browse for files and upload multiple files to either a pre-set or defined directory. Browse, choose a file, input the e-mail address..upon upload, an e-mail is dispatched to the person with a download link...

      Perhaps this would be the best option: The user is sent a link to site.com/download and when they get there, they're prompted for their e-mail address. the e-mail address will serve as their username (no password..that just complicates things even more). When they login with their e-mail address, they're presented with a list of files that they can download. Once they download a file, the counter goes up and we know they've received the file.

      All in all, I think the concept is pretty simple...the execution of this project is something I really need help with. the Adobe help files have great information for uploading/download information...
      http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/2/docs/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=LiveDo cs_Parts&file=00001936.html

      I can start with that...but I may need some help with the PHP/MySQL that I'm going to be dealing with.

      Any suggestions?