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    Help replicating light gleam/gloss off of picture


      Hi, I am in need of some help replicating a light/shine effect (I'm not sure what to call it). Im working on a project for someone and I need to do this as soon as possible, in a way where the project can be re used as a template. In the video below I have cropped it from the original to focus only on the part I need help with but let me explain the project so its understood what Im doing and trying to do.


      - In the video the picture of the guy will be replaced with someone elses picture/video footage. This will be done multiple times using the same template but just a different picture.

      - I have already set everything up with the motion tracking so that it fits in right.

      - The folder opens and in the original picture in the video there is light shining off of it and this is the effect Im trying to re create.

      - So far what I did to try to recreate the effect, I made a white solid square with the opacity turned down and placed it over the my image that I have replaced the original one with and used a light sweep effect but its not even close to what I want.

      I would like the light shine to be realistic and the same as the original as much as possible.



      How can I go about accomplishing this effect?