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    Paragraph styles misfiring

    emjayem54 Level 1

      I import text into an existing style formatted layout from a Word file (I have also copied it via the Finder clipboard) only to discover that the formatting of the text has changed to a different font weight/type size despite the formatting of the Paragraph Style. This same style is applied to existing paragraphs without a hitch. There is no '+' after it or anything. I have ditched InDesign preferences (both lots), tried recreating the original Word doc. using only a basic style sheet in TextEdit all to no avail. Maybe it's the font corruption?


      Has anyone ever come across this before? In building the original document, I used original text files from the same client, though not from the same client PC. I feel it must be to do with the new Word document unless there is an answer within InDesign itself which I'm overlooking. I'm going to have to copy all my formatting and manually reformat the new text. Not a major problem for a 6-page leaflet, but for a large multi-page document this would be a nightmare.


      InDesign CS4

      OS X 10.5.8