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    Problem Creating interactive PDF with page turning

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      I recently watch a video on adobe tv titled "indesign : creating interactive PDFs with page turn and flash animation". The video was great,simple to follow with great results, I was able to create a document with interactive page turns that was viewable in a web browser,the next step was to then create the same document but be able to view it in PDF format. I followed the above mentioned video and everything worked apart from one issue once I exported the indesign file out as an interactive PDF it opened up in adobe acrobat pro with no problem but when I went to turn the page it would lag and slow down to the point were it was almost impossible to turn the page, the page turning didn't seem to flow as well as when viewing it in a web browser. The document I am creating is a catalogue and I am happy with the interactive version for the web but I am looking at putting the catalogue on a CD/ USB and need it to open and work with PDF, it would be a great help if anyone could advise me on the reason why the interactive page turning runs so poor in PDF format. I am currently running on a very powerful computer with the adobe CS5 master suit.


      Any help would be much appreciated