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    New Animation part of Indesign help please!

    SimonLaughton Level 1

      Hi, I've just watched this tut: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EAELj3n2QMM


      Which is very good I must say.  I am really interested in the animated element now included in indesign 5.5.  One question I do have I couldnt find an answer too is what is the best way to provide a "animated" file to a client who wants something like what is in this tut (slideshow, things flying in, embedded vids, pop outs etc).


      In the tut he shows you can export as .fla files and another form of file but will most people have the facilities to open this file and use the animated brochure/news letter?


      Any hints on the best way to export.  Im guessing you cant export as a pdf as that would be flat layers you couldnt have animation on?!!




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          Rik Ramsay Level 4

          The animation effects will only work when exported as a Flash Player SWF, although you can export as a .FLA and edit in Flash if you like but the output from there will still be SWF. InDesigns animations panel is really useful and works really well but if you do add anything like that, you can't export as a PDF or interactive PDF.


          SWF is a common player in around 95% of computers so most should be able to play it.


          If you only decide on adding a video, you could export that file as a PDF no problem.


          See Adobe Help on Animation for more clarity.