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    My Adobe Flash disappeared from my pc and not my program Flash! Helppp

    Margo vanrusselt

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      Good Morning,

      That I do not really remember or look for a solution, so I tell myself that it is perhaps a forum that I did find ..

      I work on a project with Adobe Flash CS4, consist of several sequences with animation, script, sound ect.

      Yesterday I try to Launch the movie and I got around to indicate a message saying: That I was unable to load all the sequences,'' then'' that my file had been damaged''

      Following this I was worried and I was getting a check in my paper to see if my file was still there, and although it's not as if he estab delete it, it does not appear anywhere in my pc, put in my flash off is to remain open and on which I can still modify items so that is not blocked.

      Now he tells me to reinstall Flash ..

      Is that if I close Adobe Flash, will I lose my project?

      It has been two and a half months I'm on it and I must make my exam tomorrow ..

      Big panic, if you know give me a pipe or anything Thank you in advance!

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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          There may be a problem with your project file(s), or there may be a problem with Flash. Your project files are stored outside of the Flash application. The original saved Flash files will have an extension of .fla. You should be able to search your computer for that file extension. If you are using separate Actionscript files, those files will have an extension of .as. You can also search for those files, if you think that you have any.


          Before you reinstall Flash, read all of the information about reinstalling Flash at Adobe's web site.