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    Hello and thank you for reading my post,Speeding up my rendering

    lwilkinsff38 Level 1

      I originally posted this in Premiere Pro, I realize I was in the wrong section when reading the response this morning, it should've been posted here and premiere elements, so I'm reposting it here with a little more info.


      I am running, Premiere Elements 10,with an Intel i7 processor 64-bit based PC a radeon 4800 with 1 GB of RAM Windows 7 ultimate upgrade and 12 GB of RAM, would 500 GB on my boot drive. All my storages on a second  drive which is 1 TB and 1000 W power supply which I believe would be more than enough handle any upgrades. I'm no computer expert by any means. I know enough to get myself in trouble. My rendering is slow from what I read in a previous post in premiere Pro. I'll have to upgrade to nVidia but before I do, is anything else I can do that would help speed up my the rendering process. in the reply is that you gave me any other posting I do not know what overclocking means I will investigate and research it I'm pretty sure my gut instinct was right at the radeon  wasn't good enough once again thank you in advance for your help                            Will Wilkins.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Upgrading your video card will do virtually nothing to improve your performance with the program and will do nothing to speed your rendering time.


          The best way to insure the best performance is to tune your computer up with a good Deep Care with a program like my personal favorite, Advanced System Care Free. (Even new computers are a mess of junk files, bloatware and fragmentation.)



          Then ensure that your project settings match your camcorder video specs. You can tell when you've got a match because there will be NO red lines above your clips when you first add them to your timeline. (When you do see red lines, as you add effects, render by pressing Enter so that those red lines turn green.)


          You can learn about matching project specs to your video in the first couple sessions of my free 8 part Basic Training tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.