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    mouse pointer in an interactive swf file imported into an interactive pdf.

    kyboone21 Level 1

      I am working on a document that has buttons, hyperlinks and object state interactivity. I am wanting to export those pages to a swf file, then import the swf file back into the document on a separate page and export that page to an interactive pdf. When I eport the file to a swf and it opens in a browser, all the interactive elements are there. The mouse pointer changes from the "arrow" to the "pointing hand" when it goes over and interactive element. All interactive elements and visual cues work as expected in the swf. When I import the swf file back into the document and export only that page as an interactive pdf, the mouse pointer does not respond or rather change from the "arrow" to a "pointed hand" when it comes in contact with an interactive element. I am wanting this visual cue for readers of this particular document. All interactive elements still work, it's just the normal visual cue is not there. What am I missing? Or is this normal? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.