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    Make clip slow to stop at last frame


      Hi All,

      I'm very new to Premier.  I'm trying to do a simple clip consisting of three sets of annimated stills imported from a rendering program.  I am trying to control the speed of the clip so that it gradually slows to a stop on the last frame (which needs to match the first frame of the second clip). 


      I also don't want the clip duration to change significantly in doing so.  I've been experimenting with the split speed keyframe, but the clip gets much longer in length. To get it back to length I have to shorten the clip, but then it's not really going fully to the last keyframe which again needs to match another move. 


      I've watched a number of tutorials but none seem to fully address what I'm trying to accomplish in a way I can understand with my limited experience. I want the move to slow nicely to a stop and not look like the camera has run into a plate glass window. 


      Any help would be appreciated.