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    Getting rid of Microphone Rubbing On Clothing


      Thanks to everyone who helped point out that a video bitrate of 30 serves to make a fairly large file. Everything is good now.


      I have another question (keep in mind I am a novice who is self-teaching just about all of CS5):


      Short of reshooting the footage, is there a way I can reliably eliminate the sound of a microphone rubbing against clothing. The video is a professor teaching at a white board. The sound of the microphone on the tie is louder than the actual content! I tried the decrackler and declicker within Premiere, yet to no avail, the sound persists. I toyed with the dials quite a bit, and just couldn't get the sound to dissapear. I will probably end up reshooting the content anyway since we got our hands on a better camera, but in the meantime, I'd like to deliver content that isn't crowded with screaching and scratching. It is quite intrusive to the actual content.


      Once we noticed it was a problem, we better positioned the mic so it was no longer an issue, nor will it be in the future. But, in the meantime:


      Is there a piece of software within CS5 Master Suite that I can use to clean up the audio?