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    Expressions or Scripts, amateur need help.


      I work for a non profit organization and we're trying to figure out how to produce a lot of videos in a rather short amount of time. We turned to the simple and effective assembly line strategy. Making cookie cutter videos with AE graphics. The graphics we need to use are of the video displays type. (we bought some from videohive.net)


      Here's the issue. If we have a place holder for a video that lasts 10 seconds before it transitions to another video display and we need the first video to stay on the screen for 15 seconds instead. If that place holder is extended by the difference (5 extra seconds), is it possible for every keyframe after that place holder to be extended that extra 5 seconds automatically with respect to the adjusted place holder duration change?


      I just want to know if what we're trying to do even possible. We're having a hard time finding someone who can give us a difinitive yes or no answer let alone be capable of creating this.


      Thankyou for taking the time to read this and I apoligize if this sounds somewhat incompitent, i just started working with VFX software this past november and i have had almost no legitimate training yet besides self teaching :-\

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          Not any direct help but there are many expressions and script resources for After Effects. A list  fo them was published on the forum just a few days ago so scroll down till you find a discussion that looks plausible.

          You can also use the online AE help system, look in the expressions and scripting sections, and you will find links to external resources.


          I will take this opportunity to say production houses have been doing cookie cutter and donut video ssytems for decades. Creating a variety of templates is usually easier than writing extensive automation because automation can get buggy.

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