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    finding the UBound of xml doc


      So I finally figured out how to use XPath with VBScript to loop through an XML document.  The issue I am having now is figuring out the UBound limit to tell the loop when to end.


      Here is where I currently am..


           Set myRoot = myDocument.XMLElements(1)

           Set myChild = myRoot.evaluateXPathExpression("//name")


           for i = 1 to UBound(myChild)

                AddNewPage myDocument, myChild(i)



      When I use this I get a "Arrgument not optional" error on the line with the UBound


      If I use...

          for i = 1 to 4


      it works, but there should be a way to figure out the upperbound without having to set it explicitly.


      Does anyone know the proper syntax to use with this?