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    How to find out the properties of a field's/object's?

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      I have field (say, its name is field_1) in my_form and  i am coloring yellow by using below code of initialization event:


      this.ui.oneOfChild.border.fill.color.value = "255,255,191"; (Actually, just for differentiating / tracing back purpose here  am assigning this yellow color to this field, you can suggest me any thing else that marks / tags this field (i can not populate a value, bcz its visible to user), so that in the  CHANGE event of this field, again i want to check/get/know that whether this field is tagged/marked or not)


      fine. But, because of some/below reason, i need to find out its color by using JavaScript, pls. let me know how to figure out its color is as yellow by using JavaScrit?


      Reason: If field_1's color is YELLOW (or you suggested any tag/mark as said in the above in red text), then i have to make HIDE the field_2


      Field_0's position is extreme left, Field_1's  position is middle and the Field_2's position is exterme right of the page.


      I guess, i hv only one option of finding out color, hence am looking forward for JavaScript to find out the color of a field in question




      Also, pls. let me know the JavaScript that How can i make HIDE a check box for that COMLETE session (i mean, starting from launching the form in the browser until he closes the window/browser/tab/form), i guess, this idea also workes for my requirement, ( i want to put this code in the docReady event) .....no matter/what ever code is existing there in any event of that field level


      Thank you