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    Auto-Renaming Master Pages

    J Fiok

      I have 6 documents, each containing approximately 150 masters or so, that we use for creating PDFs which are then applied to custom-book orders via a back-end script.  Each master I'm currently using has all design elements unique to that page.  Each master is also named referencing a listing in a table in our database.  So, for example, Master #1 is equivalent to the #1 on the order form,  #2 is the second listing, etc.  Any new changes to information are done within this "development" file from year-to-year and new PDFs are exported for future use for each order.


      Due to yearly changes, the pages had some additions, subtractions, etc.  So now, the #57 master from last year's file is actually containing information for the new #59 listing, while I need to insert 2 pages that are the new #57 and #58.  And this is one of many changes to this file, and each file has it's own set of changes.


      I'm wondering if there is a quick way to rename all of the masters within the ID file starting at a digit (#1), let's say, and numbering to the end?  So, I would like the masters named #1-150, whereas I currently have #1-55, #57-62, etc. due to those pages being removed.  I have configured my shortcuts for the Master Page Options to bring up the window to rename them manually, but I'm wondering if there's any possible way to automate these changes?  We have to update every file, every year.  I takes quite a bit of time to do it manually and then we also have to go back and ensure each master is named correctly at the end.


      Any help would be much appreciated!