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    unable to submit a pdf form

    fhorse Level 1
      I create an XML string by parsing a URL sent to my cfm page and populate a pdf form created in LiveCycle Designer 8 with that XML. A javascript running in the pdf modifies a data connection query with information from the XML and fills out some of the form fields. The user fills out the remaining form fields and clicks a submit button which sends the form back to the cfm page where the additional form fields are parsed into xml which is saved in a database and can be used to repopulate the form the next time it is requested. Works great, but ...

      I have this running on two identical development machines (using the built in web server) and on one of the machines the form appears with the message "You cannot save data typed into this form", the script does not appear to run correctly, and the submit button does not submit the form. Are there additional settings in LiveCycle/Acrobat 8 or in the Adobe Reader that we need to know about? Our audience will not have Acrobat installed (Adobe Reader only). This is stopping us from moving to CF8