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    Import error with Canon 600D

    Deornorth Community Member

      Ok- I think this is a bug (but not sure where to report it?


      I have a brand new Canon 600D- LR4 correctly recognises that it is attached- even showing the photos I want to import with ticks etc. The only problem is: when I click on Import I then get an error message saying

      No Photos or Videos were found to import.

      Closing the error message then leaves a bar that never progresses at the top left hand side saying preparing to import. I then have to clode and reopen LR4 to re-access the menu for importing.


      The only way I can import from the camera is to use Adobe Bridge first, then import in LR from the folder now in Bridge!


      This is not the seamless workflow that I was looking for (yet I haven't seen anyone else mention anything like it!)


      Can anyone advise on whether to wait (as it is a bug) or alter what i am doing (becaue there is something that i should be doing, but haven't realised it!)




      Delta_ Cephei


      (iMac- 4Gb RAM, Lion, Canon 600D)