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    How to make all things align to the same baseline?

    CocoFormula Level 1

      I've recently tried to make a recipe and got the inspiration on from this magazine but my text doesn't seem to all align I don't know if this has anything to do with the fact that I have paragraph rules but I don't think so as the magazine has the rules as well and everything seems to line up on a baseline grid. I don't have the example I am working on pesonally. But I have an example of what I want it to look like although it's at a weird angle I hope I can still get the point across of what I am trying to do achieve. Is it possible that I use a akward baseline increment? I find the default set increment to work well when all the text is the same size but when it's different it becomes much more difficult and no flexible. So I usually use increments like 2, 4 and now 3 for the supposed flexibility. I might be way off though in terms of how to best set up the baseline grid. Thanks in advance for any insight into this. I really appreciate how friendly and helpful the members have been!