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    Problems with Codec in Premiere Pro 5.5

    Mr Diesel

      Hi All.

      I've been having problems with Premiere Pro 5.5 and in partucular the 'Intel IYUV Codec'.


      I originally created a project in PP version 5. Then converted it to 5.5. All was working well until one day I went into work in it and it would not work. A message came up "THis project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset or codec could be associated with this sequence type"


      I found some posts in this forum that suggested fixing some of the offending sequences, which I did and it seemed to work fine. This involved changing the sequences preview to use the DV 24p Advanced codec instead of the default Intel IYUV Codec.


      However, the program seems to default back to the IYUV codec when I close the program down. Each time I have to go back into Version 5 and manually change the codecs back to DV 24p Advanced.


      However, what confuses me is that in earlier versions of my project that do open in 5.5, I notice that they are still using the IYUV codec. WHich I thought was the offending item in loading up in 5.5.


      I would continue to just edit in version 5, but we have some Red Epic footage that we need to add in and then will be shooting some further footage on the Epic.


      Needless to say I'm a bit confused. So if anyone has some ideas or instruction that could help me get this sorted so I can edit my project in 5.5 I would be so grateful.