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    I there anything good about Premier Elements?


      After the hefty price of CS5, am I really expected to pay another $100+ upgrade gouge for something that has never really worked? Missing codecs, repetitive hangs, doesn't see burners no matter how many times I reboot or rescan. Crashes just trying to stitch together 4 simple mpegs into one mpeg. Does anyone have anything good to say?


      Only things I use out of CS5 is Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, and Dreamweaver (kudos to Macromedia, not Adobe).


      While I'm at it, what's with the constant, relentless, annoying updates to flash player? What program other than virus protection has to be updated once a month?


      What alternative suites have any of you turned to that are:


      1. stable?

      2. do what they're advertised they do?

      3. aren't stupidly, arrogantly overpriced like Adobe's bundle o' crashes?


      I've stuck with CorelDraw for over a decade, buying all of the upgrades BECAUSE IT ALWAYS WORKS!!!


      But the CS5 Suite was so enticing with all its fancy shmancy tools....I got sucked in. There has to be something better that the real pros use for dealing with video.


      BTW, this all happens on a WIN7/64 box w/ AMD Dual Core, Asus Board, and 8 gig of DDR2 memory, SATA drives and DVD.