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    Adobe log in doesn't work


      My DD bought a new lap top last week and downloaded Digital Editions. When asked to authorise it, she used her Adobe ID and was refused access, citing a password/username mis match. She changed her password and found that the new one won't work either. Contacted Adobe via support live chat with no result. Consultant told her that her email address was not registered on their data base, although he did find the Adobe ID and said he would link her e-mail address to the ID, refer the matter to a superior, and she could expect an email in 2 or 3 working days. Having had no contact since then, she has tried again via live chat this afternoon with more or less the same response from a totally different consultant. She has only her e-book reader and her old computer registered, so is well within her authorisation limits. Is there anything she can do about this? She feels as though she is bashing her head against a brick wall asking for help through the live chat line.