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    Placing a layered graphic corrupts type on that page

    bilglas Level 1

      I have a simple 4-page document, which contains mostly text (all OpenType) and a few graphic elements (TIFs and JPGs). If I PLACE a graphic that contains layers (like a PSD file), it will CORRUPT the text on that page. The same thing happens if I place a single-layer graphic, then add a transparency effect to it. Corrupt how? Sharp, clean letterforms deteriorate, and take on a pixellated, coarse appearance. Delete the graphic, and the text return to normal. The text distortion is NOT just a screen-rendering anomaly; if I PRINT this document, the problem transfers to the page. (Stays in PDF exports, too.) Seems to happen with any font, any graphic. (I've got everything set to "high-quality" display.)


      I've done this same thing a zillion times in other documents ... never saw this problem before; can't imagine what's causing it.


      I HAVE closed and reopened InDesign, I've rebooted, I've opened a copy, I've resaved to a different file name ... I've tried everything that I can think of. What have I missed?


      Using CS5 (ver 7.0.4) on Win7 64-bit.


      Sure could use some help on this one ... thanks!