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    Frame artifacts appearing in PDF output


      I have a problem with faint artifacts of object frames, rectangle frames and diagonals, etc. appearing in a PDF output when viewed in Acrobat Reader.They are hairline thin and are not visible in the InDesign document on screen.

      Here are the circumstances of it occurring:

      • I'm using CS5.
      • The PDF is output for a publication that requires PDF X-1a:2003 standard.
      • The artwork, and any placed images are in CMYK. Transparency blend space is set to Document CMYK.
      • The background layer for the ad. is rich black 50:0:0:100 and the artifacts are showing up over a white logo.
      • Placed near the logo is a transparent background PSD image file with a drop shadow on the subject. (This object frame is one of the artifact sources) If this image is removed, the problem disappears.
      • Tif files don't seem to cause the same problem, but I'm having difficulty placing tifs and retaining transparency; the background always turns white, which doesn't happen with PSDs.

      Be grateful of advice as to preventing this happening; Thanks.