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    New computer and video monitors for HD and PP CS5.5

    Small Town Gal Level 1

      Dear All,


      I have recently updated to Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Master Collection to work in conjuntion with Final Cut Pro.  I've been working with a Canon XL-1s, taping with mini-dv format in Standard Definition up to this time but am thinking of buying the Panasonic AG-AC160 AVCCAM and upgrading to High Definition.


      I'm working on a Mac Pro and have been using a View Sonic computer monitor and a Sony Video Monitor that I've had for years -- left over from the old analog video tape days, but it still seems to do the job well.


      I'm learning Premiere Pro CS5.5 and the suite seems to be working o.k., so that is not a problem at this time.


      My question is:  If I start working in high definition, do I need to change my computer and video monitors in order to get professional results from my editing software?  I have done documentaries and want to do them in high def and have the best video for podcasts and mobile applications.


      I don't want to spend another gazillion dollars on monitors if I don't have to, but I do want to provide the best video that I can and I will buy what I need.


      Thanks for your suggestions and any info you can provide.


      Small Town Gal