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    Exporting an .indd within an .indd issue




      Due to the workflow I use to design a magazine, I have a main .indd and several small .indd containing single articles. This usually works great, but there are two certain pages which cannot be exported from the main .indd, just from the small .indd.


      When I export it from the main .indd Indesign crashes and I get this report: http://pastebin.com/zJMwqmDS


      When I export it from the minor .indd it works great.


      This is regardless of what kind of (PDF) export it is, and as far as I can see, also regardless of which objects I have on the two pages. Other pages in the document also works great from the main document.


      What can be wrong?

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          John Hawkinson Level 5



          This is a known bug that I found and reported late last year (#3065742):


          Thread 15 Crashed:

          0   com.adobe.InDesign.Master Page     0x0c644ecc GetPlugIn + 26620

          1   com.adobe.InDesign.Master Page     0x0c645528 GetPlugIn + 28248

          2   com.adobe.InDesign.Master Page     0x0c644d91 GetPlugIn + 26305

          3   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x0b940af3 GetPlugIn + 114115

          4   com.adobe.InDesign.AppFramework     0x0b940d81 GetPlugIn + 114769

          5   PublicLib.dylib                    0x0125fe79 CShape::ProcessDrawShape(GraphicsData*, long) + 153



          In essence, there is an area of code that deals with master page item overrides in both documents, and it assumes that a page item's id will be unique across both. If the same ID# happens to be used in both documents, and one of them is a master page override and the other is not, things go terribly wrong and a crash happens.


          I would not expect to see a bugfix for this ported back to a maintenence release of CS5 or CS5.5.


          All I can suggest is either not to use placed INDD files, or to try not to override master page items in concert with them.


          I suppose if you are really enterprising you could export the document to IDML, then edit the IDML to change the ID numbers of all page items (being careful to also change all references to them), and then open the IDML file. At least in theory.