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    Music Player

      I would like to know if I can have a music player, for example Media Player (mini controller apearance with properties such as play, pause, next, previous, displayer [song/artist info], volume controller, mute) with a fixed playlist that will produce music in all of my project.

      I checked the Insert/Control/ActiveX properties and I found Media Player but I have no idea how to use it or if it is capable of doing the things I just mentioned. Any help would be useful! Excuse my Engilsh and my extraneousness!
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          Go to www.mediamacros.com and search of MP3 player. There are a few
          samples there that may help.

          The process is actually pretty easy if you want to use Quicktime to
          platy your audio. It can play most sound formats, and the lingo to do
          things like start and stop are pretty easy and well documented in the help.

          You can also use the normal mp3 and audio playing capabilites using
          sound.queue() to set up your playlist.