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    Slow Progress Bar on Photoshop CS5


      POSTED ON 18/2/12




      I need help with Photoshop CS5.1 v12.1 ,

      Problem: When ever i insert a gradient or a photo it comes up with a progress bar which takes ages to load and it used to load in 1 second but now it takes ages , i have looked every where but there was no results and i really need help because i am currently editing a Wedding Movie in a different Program but i also need to make a menu for when the DVD is in the DVD Player but i went to photoshop to edit a photo but this happened and i have reinstalled it but nothing has changed. I have tried the Edit then Performance solution but that did nothing. So i need Answers As Soon As Possible!


      Thank You for your Time




      THIS NEEDS TO BE FIXED BY 20/2/12 or 23/2/12