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    I could use some help please. newbie!

    Rdeweil Level 1

      I am trying to take a logo a made and make it spin around the screen, like a screen saver, is the best way i can explain it.  then id like to save it as a .svp or a gif file. could some one please lend me a hand and explain to me how to do this.

      thank you Ralph

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          PrE will allow you to add animations to Still Images, but then you will be Exporting/Sharing that as a Video file.


          For an animated GIF, I would look to Photoshop, and maybe Photoshop Elements (just do not know how it handles animated GIF images). There are also some animated GIF editing programs, and some are free.


          Good luck,



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            Rdeweil Level 1

            Morning bill, I guess I need to ask this a lettle bit differently, I want to make a small like one min video, I want to take my logo and slowly rotate it, while in the back ground doing somthing like flying through the sky and clounds or through space, somthing like that, is more of what im trying to do. I was hoping this was somthing I would be able to learn. ive been playing about for almost 2 weeks, and getting no where. lol, im a slow learner. but at least i try. im about ready to throw in the white flag and just pay to have it done. might be better that way. is there anyone here that might want the job?

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              nealeh Level 5

              You can do that in PRE. Put your background movie on Video1 and the spinning logo on Video2. That's pretty much it provided the logo has a transparent background.


              If it doesn't have a transparent background (e.g. a solid colour) when you add it to the timeline you should be prompted to apply videomerge. If you don't get the prompt, open the properties for the clip and apply the VideoMerge effect to the clip and use the eyedropper tool to select the background colour.






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