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    No Permission to Copy Document Here




      I have a Mac computer with a Power Processor, a Kobo eReader and Adobe Digital Editions software (Version 1.7.2). I purchased the Kobo mainly for downloading books from the public library. Everything is working good except when I try to drop and drag the library book into the Kobo the ADE gives me the error message, "No Permission to Copy Document Here". This is what I've tried to fix the problem:

      1) Deleted and downloaded ADE twice

      2) Authorized and deauthorized the Mac and Kobo several times

      3) Googled for a solution

      4) Checked out the Adobe forums. I did find one solution but it was for a Windows computer

      5) Checked the books I've downloaded from the public library to make sure they have permission to be copied (they do). I even downloaded a book

           from Adobe's own free library, still gives me the same error.

      6) E-mailed my public library


      Any ideas would, of course, be greatly appreciated!