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    Export to pdf - not all layers appear


      Hi everybody


      I've got the following problem and I was hoping one of you could help me out.


      In my Indesign file I have various layers with different opacities. Most of them appear just the way they should when I export the file to pdf.

      However, one particular important layer (layer A) that is not on full opacity, does not show in the exported pdf.

      Interestingly enough, when I set layer A's opacity to 100%, it appears in the pdf in full.


      (Layer A is linked to a .psd file with transparent parts.)


      Any idea what I am doing wrong?


      Your help is much appreciated



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          We'll need a lot more detail. Version of ID, OS and your export settings, for starters.


          Also screen shots of the page in ID and in Acrobat (you ARE viewing in Acrobat, or Reader, right? Other viewers are a crapshoot as to what they support, Mac Preview being particularly poor when it comes to transparency) would be useful. Select the image and show us the layers panel in the screen shot. You can embed images in a post by using the camera icon onthe eb page like this:


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            Ferox2012 Level 1

            Thanks for the prompt response, Peter.


            I was indeed using Mac Preview the entire time and just opened the pdf file in photoshop. The image was exactly what it was supposed to look like. I cannot believe I just wasted my evening because of Preview!


            Anyway, thanks a lot for clearing that up!