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    .jar file is empty

    kate_paints Level 1
      I opened my RHv6 project in RHv7. I compiled using WebHelp (Primary Layout). I can open the WebHelp that is generated in the !SSL!/Help folder. It looks fine. Development says...

      "The issue here is that the jar file cannot be opened and that needs to happen when we do a build. We are assuming the jar file is corrupted but perhaps it is a security setting or something like that in Robohelp?"

      I deleted the project-level cab file and regenerated the WebHelp. The .jar file is about half the size, but when I open it using IZArc, there is nothing inside. I opened my RH v6 .jar and it has contents.

      I can't find anything about this in the forum. Of course, I'm about to go to a tropical island, so I'm under the gun to get it fixed.

      Is this a corrupted file or is there a RH v7 setting I'm not aware of?
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          kate_paints Level 1
          Since the .jar is like a Java zip file, I updated my Java from version 1.6.0_05-xxx to 1.6.0_06-B02. When I generated WebHelp, no .jar file was generated (there are .js files). A .cab file was generated, but, when I took a peek with IZArc, the .cab file was empty.

          I sent this latest WebHelp generation to our Development group. Our target application is .NET C# not Java.

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            RoboColum(n) Level 5
            Hi Kate.

            Your confused! If you produce webhelp you will not get any java help files created. A .jar file is just a way of combining the delivery of multiple files (e.g. java classes or metadata files). Are you performing another step after you've generated the help to produce the .jar file?
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi Kate and Colum

              Colum, I'm wondering if Kate has checked the following.

              Kate, when you generate your WebHelp output, you have a choice in how the Navigation pane is handled. The options are:
              Navigation Pane Preferred Format

              Java Applet:
              DHTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML

              Java Applet > Pure HTML

              No Java Applet:

              DHTML > Pure HTML

              Pure HTML

              I'm wondering here if you are seeing differences in output based on different choices here. The Java Applet format does cause a jar file to be created.

              You may also wish to try the different speed optimization settings. Perhaps that is a factor as well.

              To see this setting, edit the properties of your Single Source Layout.

              Cheers... Rick
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                kate_paints Level 1
                I was using what the RoboHelp Help calls the "Navigation Pane Perferred Format: which is Dynamic HTML > Java Applet > Pure HTML.

                I switched to DHTML > Pure HTML.

                The Optimization Speed is Web Site (Internet) because the target application is Web-based.

                On the final dialog box, I selected to Republish All.

                I get the pesky 201KB webhelp.jar, which is still empty. The webhelp.cab file is now a zip file of 136KB.

                I deleted both the nasty girls and tried again. They are regenerated. This doesn't make sense since I selected DHTML > Pure HTML.

                I will query my Development contact as to why he thinks these need to open. This is my first delivery of RHv7. Is there anything they need to do differently on their end?

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                  kate_paints Level 1
                  I deleted the ladies again and tried generating with Pure HTML. Same result... one empty Webhelp.jar file and a zipped Webhelp.cab file.

                  I'll inform my Dev guys and ask why these empty files are a problem for them given this isn't JaveHelp.

                  Thanks for any further illumination you may lend to my on my dark day here in sunny Arizona.
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                    kate_paints Level 1
                    My Dev team said the .jar isn't needed. They deleted it and tested WebHelp in the QA environment. All is fine. Case closed unless Adobe wants to do something about the generation of an empty .jar file just because it caused some confusion.

                    Thanks all! I can take my vacation in peace.