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    How to make a tabbed panel in fireworks for a web page?

    super waffle

      I know fireworks is not the best place to make a web page. I have to use this because it is a mockup for school. i have the tabs up and each state made in each tab i have the appropriate tab merging with the content area. I also have 3 other states I have created for each tab. first problem i am having is that when I click on state 2,3 and 4 I my content disappears including my master page and all of my other content I don't know how to make it show like it does in state 1. my second problem is I don't want to slice the hotspots to make the tabs. I just want to make the hotspots navigate to each state is that at all possible? or do I just have to slice it? the reason I don't want to slice is because the instructor does not like it when we slice content don't ask me why.