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    I reported this bug over 1 year ago, still not fixed. MAJOR ISSUE: Type lag

    GoodNewsJim Level 1



      If you have a large file like 30,000 lines of code or longer, you can get type lag which takes several seconds between typing.  The longer the file, the more type lag you get.  This is very annoying since I can do 5+ keyboard clicks a second, yet it takes time to register. 


      I can provide a 500,000 line of dummy code if someone wants to fix this at Adobe.


      My theory is that all Adobe needs to do is provide a "Dumb text editor mode", where it doesn't check for autocorrections/indent/etc.  Scite and Notepad can edit near infinite text files with no type lag, so it isn't like I'm asking for a lot.


      I reported this type lag bug over a year ago.  It makes editing very large annoyingly difficult and slow.


      Adobe, can we get some love for large ap developers?  Even an update on the status of this bug would be nice.


      ,Jim Sager III