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    Our CT Users and Roles list is not accurate

    fburleigh Level 1

      Hello.  We use (still) CT3 on our Windows 7 client machines, and samba file sharing on our web server.  We do not have any Contribute network services.


      Recently we created a new role, and sent a connection key for that role to users who'd be in that role.  Each user has the permissions we expect, so that's good.  But those users do not necessarily appear under the new role we created in the Users and Roles window.  My theory was that a user's first connection using the new key would change CT's admin data on the server, and that the U&R window would be updated to reflect those changes.


      Alas, that hasn't happened.  In fact, I used the U&R window's Remove button to remove of these users from their previous role, had them reconnect with the idea that this would cause CT to create their name in the user and roles list.  But that didn't happen, either.


      So this is a mystery.  It could simply be that the Users and Roles list isn't refreshing, for whatever reason.  This has been working itself out over several weeks, so of course CT on my Win 7 machine has been opened and closed many times.


      I offer two related facts:


      * The Users and Roles window has no Add User button, though Help refers to one.


      * The Change Owner dialog under the Manage Drafts function does not show these users, either.