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    A question on actions

    ladyinblack1964 Level 1

      Hi, folks,


      Can anyone explain why an action that was working perfectly has suddenly started screwing up, royally?


      It's an action I bought on a digital scrapbooking site. Never could get it to work in PSE but was delighted that it was working in PS. Today, though, it just began malfunctioning. I have my doubts as to how reliable some of these actions are from these digiscrapping people.


      Could I have accidentally done something to mess it up? I haven't done anything lately except download some patterns and brushes from a very reliable source.


      I doubt I even have the zip files anymore. I had pretty much given up on this action working...until I bought CS5.5 and voila!



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          Level 7

          Without seeing the steps in the action, we have no idea.


          Most likely the action depends on something (a selection, a background layer, mode, depth, etc.) that isn't true in the documents/cases where it fails.

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            I'm having the same issue. I just posted a question. It's driving me nuts!!! I NEED an answer :-( What are your actions doing? When I click on my black layer and try to edit the picture with the brush nothing happens to the layer. IDK what to do.

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              ladyinblack1964 Level 1

              OK, is there any way I can show you? A screen shot or something?

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                ladyinblack1964 Level 1

                Mine is supposed to allow me to type a word in a small area of background paper, kind of like "Magnetic Poetry" if you know what I mean. Only instead of getting, say, a strip of "paper" a couple inches long, I get a huge piece of paper, and I don't even get a chance to type in my word.

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                  Noel Carboni Level 8

                  First thing to try is very simple:


                  Load the actions set again afresh from the .atn file.



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                    arc fixer Level 3



                    Please post a screenshot of the action from your Actions Palette.



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                      JJMack Most Valuable Participant

                      Many Photoshop Actions do not work in PSE for they use functions that are in Photoshop which are not in Elements.   There is also a nasty bug in CS4 and CS5 Action player that may effect Actions that add adjustment layers.  Adobe deferred fixing this bug to some future release of Photoshop.  Action that add adjustment layers that apply to all layers may work in correctly or may be cliped an error message may also pop-up if the action later tries to clip the adjustment layer that was hit by the bug.


                      Also many actions are not well crafted they have some dependancies they fail on some documents becaus some Photoshop state exists or does not exist.  They may work in one place in you workflow and not some other place.  An action may require a Background layer and you opened your raw file as a smart object layer  or you converted your background to some other kind of layer. When the action tries to select background it will fail.  Actions may only work on a flat file and yours is layed. Actions may destroy you work change things you set up by falttening you work.   Actions are nothing more then Phoshop Steps action can be fully expended so you can read what their Photoshop steps are and what setting are used in the steps. It is a good idea to expand actions your recording to see if what is being recordede is what you want recorded. Its is also a good idea to read actions that you buy or download free to ge an idea of how they work.  Whent an Action fails it stops there look in ths actrion palette expand the failing step anf the ones the preceeded it.


                      The Action Palette is a full fledge action editor you can single step through actions and observe how they work. You can move, add and delete steps. For more information in a short read download my Crafting Actions Package Contains

                      • Action Actions Palette Tips.txt
                      • Action Creation Guidelines.txt
                      • Action Dealing with Image Size.txt
                      • Action Enhanced via Scripted Photoshop Functions.txt
                      • CraftedActions.atn Sample Action set includes an example Watermarking action
                      • Sample Actions.txt Photoshop CraftedActions set saved as a text file.
                      • 12 Scripts for actions


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                        ladyinblack1964 Level 1

                        Tried it--it didn't work.

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                          ladyinblack1964 Level 1

                          Here is one of the actions. The others are just variations on this theme.


                          actions screenshot.JPG