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    Copying and pasting Rotobrush path properties into a mask

    rowby Level 1

      I'm reposting this question because in my previous post a week or so ago I did not get a complete answer to my question.


      I see this in the Rotobrush documentation.



      "You can copy Roto Brush Path properties, and paste them into masks, shapes, and instances of the Paint effect, just like you can with other kinds of paths. If you copy an individual stroke, the Roto Brush span information is not copied; however, if you copy the entire Roto Brush effect instance, it includes the Roto Brush span (and base frame) information."


      Can anyone tell me where I can find the"Roto Brush Path properties" so I can copy them.  


      And then the specific procedure to paste the "entire Rotobrush effect instance" into a an existing mask.


      When I try to do this (trying to copy the strokes, for example, because I am not sure where I find the "Rotobrush Path properties")  all I get is another instance of Rotobrush and none of the key framed outlines are copied into the new mask itself.


      A link to an existing tutorial would be fine, video tutorial is always preferred, but I will appreciate anything beyond the above quote in the documentation.