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    Tracking outbound links

    BoppyW Level 1

      Hi guys,


      I am referring to this page http://support.google.com/googleanalytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=55527http:// to insert tracking code so I can see how many referrals this page is generating.


      I have inserted the relevant script just after my existing GA script in the Head section of my template. However, I am a bit confused about how to deal with this:

      <a href="http://www.example.com" onClick="recordOutboundLink(this, 'Outbound Links', 'example.com');return false;">


      and how I apply it to my links.


      For example, if the code for the Public Site button under Tatler Restaurant and Bar currently reads:

      <a href="http://www.tatler.co.nz/" target="_blank"><img src="images/button_public_site.jpg" alt="public website" width="120" height="57" border="0" /></a>


      Should I replace everything in the Google example between < and > in my code and replace www.example.com with www.tatler.co.nz? But what abuot the target, alt and width properties? Where would they go?


      Also, is there a way to make a class so that I can apply the same outbound tracking code to all links? Google refers to categories but that's got me scratching my head as far as Dreamweaver goes.


      Thanks in advance for advice,



      ps is it just me or does Google have really complex and convoluted instructions for every product it provides?